Recognition And Authenticity

August 19, 2014

In Employee Engagement

Altrum recognition - Signas of psychological distress at work

In one of our blog posts, we discussed the 4 Elements for Effective Recognition: timely, specific, in proximity and with enthusiasm. It may seem easy to use these tips as a “Guide to Successful Recognition” and to blindly follow it. However, to reach your objective, it is important to truly and genuinely live by these guidelines.

Sometimes, being your true self may be difficult in a work environment. You may be emotional, soft or very demanding. You may want to change your personality so that you can fit the mold of the perfect manager. As a result, communication becomes difficult because you’re always questioning the attitude that you should be adopting.

We need to first learn to accept our weaknesses and understand that they are directly related to our strengths. To really come to this realization, we need to move past these words of wisdom, we need to name things and see how we can deal with our behaviors in a positive manner.

When we recognize a colleague or an employee for a good deed, we should certainly not do it because we feel obliged to do so. The genuine tone cannot be that of a B movie actor (because if you’re an incredible actor, then it’s unfortunate for the film industry ;)). When you’re thinking of the person that you’re recognizing, note that like you, that person has exceptional qualities and things that need to be improved. Find your own way of expressing a recognition that you believe they really deserve. Acknowledging someone honestly and genuinely will help them find the energy to continue doing what they do best and to improve the rest.

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