Believing In What You Do To Be Passionate About Your Work

October 23, 2014

In Employee Engagement

happiness at work

Work takes up a big chunk of our life: in terms of time, physical and psychological investment. Nowadays, work-life balance is all the more important as the development of innovative technologies such as electronic messages or cell phones continues to evolve. We are hyper-connected and reachable anywhere and anytime. It is much easier to be continuously submerged by work. In 2012, people worked in average 35,4 hours per week, this is not negligible!

In light of this, we may ask ourselves, what is our motivation during these hours, what makes us want to go to work earlier the following morning, what’s the gateway to accomplishing and surpassing oneself?

It’s the vision of our collective mission. Our personal commitment is closely related to the common objectives of our company. It’s these same objectives that preoccupy us personally during our working days. By believing in the value of our work, by finding out “why” we do certain tasks, we can put our heart and soul into it, and thereby, make our days pleasant, important and useful. The passion for work is, for us, a key ingredient in the recipe to being happy and engaged.

The passion for our mission is one reason we work so hard at Altrum.

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