M&A Tombstones Gallery & Deal Toy Ideas

With a vast array of techniques, materials, processes, artists, and manufacturing capabilities, we’ll create a M&A tombstone that encompasses the amount of work you put into a deal.

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Not feeling creative for your deal toy?

We have the most creative team at your disposal. Having a unique deal toy isn’t complicated with Altrum

What Your Deal Toy
Says About You

Although your deal toy might very well be representing the deal that you just closed, it also showcases the amount of work and the level of care you have for your team and clients. Having these as gifts for investment bankers/clients is a daily reminder of how appreciated everyone one the deal team was.

Feel free to also put your own spin on your corporate tombstones. What this means, is that we are here to help the deal toy of your dreams come to life.

By working with a number of different materials, we can achieve the desired look you’re going for. Want to recreate a statue? Let’s 3D print it. Have a document you want to showcase? Let’s embed it in lucite. Did you just close a pharmaceutical deal? Let’s put together some crystal pill bottles for you. Your project code was project Red Wood? Let’s incorporate wood and use a showstopping cherry finish on top.

Our expertise in materials not only comes from our desire to learn more. It comes straight from you; the customer. We aim to listen to all of your requests so when we can make you the designs you’re looking for, it’s a job well done for us.

Steps To Creating a Unique Deal Gift

This could go a number of ways: A. You know exactly what you’re looking for and just need us to get to the drawing board or B. You have no idea where to even begin. The good news is you’re in the right place. Going through our galleries and gather any inspiration or ideas for your deal is already helping our art team so much. For you to come to the table knowing what you like and don’t like, is a great starting point.

From there, shoot us an email or give us a ring. Tell us if you saw any designs that you wanted us to use as the foundation, or starting point, for your project. Give us a little about the deal or any themes you’d like to portray. Any logos? We can come up with something that will be sure to blow you and your team away. We will always do our best to show you an exceptional group of designs. We start off with 3 initial designs in our first round and won’t stop until we’ve created the design that you’re ecstatic with and proud to gift to your deal team.

Along the way, we will not only provide you with designs, but we can provide you with all sorts of samples. If we’re in the area, we’d love to stop by with any finishes or examples of designs we might have. Not local? No problem, our team can send over any images or videos to showcase the materials. Not only that but once you’re happy with a design, we can go ahead and create a prototype for you. This will essentially be the first unit of your full order so you can feel the final design in your hand and make sure you don’t need any changes. From there, voila! Your deal team will be receiving the deal financial tombstone they’ve been waiting for. Because who doesn’t like to add another trophy to their collection?

Celebrate in Style With Your Financial Tombstone

Your accomplishments and celebrations are the reason we care so deeply about all of our materials and techniques. So again, browse through our galleries and take a look at all the different materials we can use for your next deal toy. Your imagination is step one; from there, our team of experts can handle the rest. Make sure if you see anything in this gallery that catches your eye, to look at the bottom left-hand corner. That’s where we put each design’s unique project number and this way, when you give us a call, we can easily spot it and include for our artists to use as inspiration.

We’ll be here when you’re ready to help create and immortalize all of your hard work!

We listen to your comments and incorporate them into your deal toy in the most aesthetic way. Our goal is to ensure you’re thrilled with your design.