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Altrum Honors wins Smart CEO’s Future 50 Awards

2016-01-29, News

On January 27th, 2016, Altrum Honors and President Bernard Bolduc were recognized by SmartCEO for the company’s remarkable growth. Based on a combined three-year average of revenue and employee growth, Altrum Honors was selected amongst the top 50 mid-sized companies in New York. Future 50 winners collectively generate $2.3 billion in annual revenue and employ 10,293 individuals in the Greater New York area.

Mr. Bolduc shares his insight into the main factors that helps support growth in a company:

For any businesses experiencing growth, adapting to a new environment or new ways of working is disruptive and can be taxing on many different levels of the company. To be able to absorb stress and make sure employees feel supported, it is crucial that managers have the right tools at their disposal, and most importantly, the right attitude to lead through change. Selecting a team with the qualities required to take your company to the next level now and in the future, is no easy task. My best advice: know your people well. Hard skills are easy to assess, but assessing someone’s value-fit requires a much deeper knowledge of the person. Knowing what really drives someone, how they handle difficult situations, and what their core values are, is your greatest asset in times of change and growth.

Bernard Bolduc

Altrum has ambitious expansion plans for the next decade. We believe in corporate recognition, the power of a healthy culture, and the simplicity of a sincere "thank you." We plan to remain true to our core values and roots and to grow a more service-based aspect of the business. Altrum Honors was founded on the basis of recognizing success and celebrating important milestones. We hope to inspire other businesses to do the same, by helping them plan and execute their employee recognition strategy. With the recent launch of the company’s new business line, "Altrum Recognition" we are committed to our long-term plan and remain on track to continue our growth around the globe.

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Altrum Honors wins SmartCEO Future 50 Award